Hmmm, well I'm not sure on graphics, i'll just have to see when i get there.

about earning money for a jump ship, the prices for fighters are going to 
stay the sme aparently, it's only from corvets and upwards that the prices 
will increase. i just managed to get a shadow cat (why the heck the you 
can't buy a paladin in the solar system i don't know!).

I don't actually find it too much of a problem as a mercienary to earn the 
money for a jump ship, but that's because i mix the missions in with bounty 
hunting  the sensor screen, and don't buy too many ship upgrades, sinse as 
you said the game is much more fun when you leave the first system.

what i've just done, was buy only the mars works combat engine, AND DEFENDER 
mK iI ECM, then choose advanced tracking, fast recharge, and tractor beam 
for the first few upgrades, though if I've got space i usually get advanced 
rewards, which iis possible after fast recharge.

even before you get the tractor beam, I've found pirates are rather stupid 
about remembering to flee, provided you keep them busy with missiles and use 
the focus beam. Traders flee rather quickly, so the tractor beam is 
absolutely necessary before you start on them, provided you only attack 
enemy traders, you won't have any criminal problemS, ---- IN FACT SINSE 
THERE ARE SO MANY ENEMY TRADERS AROUND, i really don't see a point in the 
criminal stuff.

I've found with just the ecm and mars works combat, i can take out an 
average shadowcat with the right stratogy, for example a mission targit or 
pirate, though usually those high bounty pirates have emp and are much 

what i do then is choose mainly patrol missions, with the odd ambush or 
particularly rewarding search and destroy thrown in, and use the sensor 
screen at every oppertunity. when my shields get depleated by taking out 
pirates or traders, or when nothing appears, i move on.

that way I've managed to get a jump ship pretty qhickly as a mercenary.

the one thing i don't know is whether it's worth buying cargo management or 
not, sinse on the one hand it does cost money, but on the other it can 
increase loot from traders.

well, that's the way I do it.

oh btw shadowdragon, if your that far on in the game, maybe you could answer 
me a question? which ability do you need in the skill tree to get focus beam 
II? I know it's either double speed, mark or emp resistance, but i'm not 
sure which, and I don't want to make the mistake of buying the wrong one.

Beware the grue!


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