Yeah, I like thhose skills as well. I'm not really sure how much taunt 
reduces accuracy, but it does seem to help quite a bit. I've found that a 
lot of the mercenary skills help as well. Things like disciplin, maneuver 
and lock I use almost every battle. I never got a chance to go for emp since 
I didn't get high enough in the criminal skill tree, but one skill I am 
really curious about is cloaking. I wonder what it does? I know you have to 
have a target mark on the other person's ship to be able to hit them, but it 
seems like it'd be just a bit too cheap to make you completely invisible and 
not even grazable. Grazable? Is that a word? Anyway, once I get around to 
beating the game with my mercenary, which probably won't be till fleet 
combat is fully accessible, I'll have to start over, maybe as another 
faction and try out some of the other skills. 

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