Hi Thomas,
I could imagine the the lava rocks in your example could make a sound or more importantly say how far away they are from you. Thus by their distance you could center one in the middle before jumping to it.
Of course you would need some kind of jump meter to gage how far you jump.
For example, the lava stone off to your right is saying 5 feet, so you hit the 5 foot jumping key or hit the get ready to jump key and it counts up 1, 2, 3, 4, and when it hits 5 you press the jump button. The game calculates how far you are on the 5 foot mark by tenths of a second, then places you at that spot and determines if you have landed on the stone. Of course the sinking of the stones would have to be slower, allowing you to aim at the next stone and jump.
All this would not be necessary in a sighted only game.

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Hi Dakotah,
Well said. My thoughts exactly. As a game developer myself i certainly
know many games can be made accessible. on the other hand there are
limits to how far I can go with accessibility. Obviously anything
specifically requiring vision won't work at all. Often times there is
simply no sound for a certain item, object, etc. Sometimes the design of
the level is such that it is hard if not impossible to navigate while
being blind. A case in point.
In Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness there is a room in the Hall of Seasons
filled with lava. There are little stones jutting up out of the lava you
can use to jump onto to get across the lava. however, they are at such
odd angles I have never managed to get lined up correctly to jump on to
them. Plus when you land on one it starts to sink meaning once you get
over the lava, get the crystals, you can not use the same stones coming
back across. There are sighted gamers that have troubles playing that
level, and it is impossible for a blind person to play it without some
serious sighted help. I've tried coming up with my own accessible
version of that level and it isn't easy. If a company was really going
to make the game accessible it would be better to just scrub the entire
level or line all the stones up in a row or something. That would in
turn defeat the challenge for sighted players. There is only so much we
can ask for before companies tell us point blank accessibility can't be
done without sacrificing large portions of the games replay value.

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