Hi Phil,
Yeah, that might work for making that level accessible, but it also is a case in point where that accessibility comes at a cost to the sighted gamer. While your method might make that level easy enough for us to play it would dramatically reduce the skill level required to play that level for sighted players too. i'm afraid many die-hard gamers would find it way too easy and boring. mainstream game companies would likely have to remove some of the difficulties in a level like that to make it accessible. A jump meter is way too easy for a sighted gamer. In general in games like Angel of Darkness most of the challenge is being able to jump correctly from ledge to ledge, over lava pits, etc. Even for sighted gamers it is tricky, difficult, and requires not just a little skill. Perfect timing and good handling is everything. Your jump meter is a good solution for a blind gamer, but isn't a desirable feature for a sighted gamer. It would negate the hours of practice required to get through level x because all one would need to do is wait until the jump meter reached the correct distance and go for it. It also might negate the fact that most of these traps are puzzles that need solving. One little mistake can screw the entire puzzle up and you have to start over from scratch. So a gamer has to be able to make mistakes when doing the jumps or it defeats the puzzle.

Phil Vlasak wrote:
Hi Thomas,
I could imagine the the lava rocks in your example could make a sound or more importantly say how far away they are from you. Thus by their distance you could center one in the middle before jumping to it.
Of course you would need some kind of jump meter to gage how far you jump.
For example, the lava stone off to your right is saying 5 feet, so you hit the 5 foot jumping key or hit the get ready to jump key and it counts up 1, 2, 3, 4, and when it hits 5 you press the jump button. The game calculates how far you are on the 5 foot mark by tenths of a second, then places you at that spot and determines if you have landed on the stone. Of course the sinking of the stones would have to be slower, allowing you to aim at the next stone and jump.
All this would not be necessary in a sighted only game.

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