Hi Ron,
Believe it. The graphics technology we have now for the XBox, PS3, and Windows Vista is nothing short of spectacular compared to what we had in the 80's and 90's. I'm just disappointed I can't see it for myself first-hand. One reason the graphics technology appears to be so good is many games actually use male and female mottles to pose for various positions and in various outfits. They probably even photograph them wet and dry for a more realistic effect. Then they cut their image out of the photograph and compile various clips of that mottle in hundreds of positions, from several different angles, etc. Then in the game it simply displays the mottle on the screen in the game world. if he/she looks real it is because he/she was based on a live mottle rather than drawn using computer generation. That isn't to say all games use live mottles though. There are plenty that use computer animation, similar to the new cartoons, to draw the game worlds and characters. For example most modern cartoons from Justice League Unlimited, to Transformers, to the 2003 Masters of the Universe series were all done using computer graphics animation rather than drawing all the images by hand and filming them.

Ron Schamerhorn wrote:

I'd just have to say that if graphics have gotten that incredible since I last saw them then that is nothing short of spectacular! At the time the best were [showing my age here *l*] Atari 2600 and I've seen one outstanding documentary about those days. Also the Coleco Vision [Zaxxon and the smurf game *lol*]. So the tremendous change in even say 20 years. Having said that I do recall one of the first I ever saw was Telestar, it had a few sports games but extremely simplistic. As an example the i.e. ball was a small square on the screen. I'd still like to give the MK/DCU a good try wonder what it costs to rent for a night or two? Also I thought someone said there was a Marvel version I'd be keen on that as in my younger days as a comic collector I was more of a Marvel comics fan then DC. With Wolverine being among my favourite characters. Though I could see some other characters putting up a good challenge as well.

Talk soon

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