Then you should hear some of the czech voices out there. Eloquence sounds sooooo much better than anyone of them. :-D Actually, Acapela has just developed a czech voice now that just rocks and puts every other voice out of place. But it's too expensive and responds rather slowly as well. Oh well, but this is getting off-topic I guess. Just to agree that what is good for a screen reader doesn't have to be good for a game. I actually liked Heather pretty much - I checked her out when I was looking at that czech voice of theirs, so I think this is one of the best available choices for the game. So this is 38 reasons to use her already. *grin* Don't know the other mentioned voices myself, so this is perfect for me.
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As I've said before, the response time is the only reason, and i repeat the ONLY reason, why I use Eloquence as my screen reader voice. As for whether it sounds human, I've rarely heard a less human sounding voice. But I guess it's a matter of opinion. But you're right in that it would be horribly out of place, to say the least, in a game like MOTA, even if it were just used in the menus

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