Charles and all,

Thank you for your message. This is something very important to remember. Draconis has the policy of keeping the vast majority of what we're doing secret until things are ready to be released. We've recently taken on new staff to hopefully increase the number of titles we can release and decrease the amount of time between titles.

We've been thinking about the idea of lifting the veil more frequently on what we're doing, but the type of gamers you're describing makes us reluctant to do so. We have neither the time nor the inclination to try to cope with those issues.

Some developers have been driven away by it. Some are quite frustrated by it. And, in the end, it is the gamers who lose out the most, by either not getting new games at all, or not getting to participate in the excitement of a new title under development.

I admire Tom Ward, who has the time and patience to keep everyone in the loop about his development progress. Those of us at Draconis find such activity to be distracting and slowing the process of what we really want to be doing...developing games.

We will have a number of great titles out this year, and they should start coming relatively rapidly.

Should we lift the veil? Or should we remain silent. It is something we will continue to ponder.

On Jan 30, 2009, at 3:20 PM, Charles Rivard wrote:

If you're just dying to play a game, and cannot wait, develop it yourself after the necessary instruction and learning and buying of any necessary software and hardware to do the job. You just might find yourself as a developer in the slowly growing number of them. You might, or might not, make money doing it. You might find that you enjoy playing the games you develop. Then again, you might get darned tired of always answering the questions that you used to always ask developers who weren't producing games you wanted or updating ones you already have in a time that satisfies you. At least, one thing's for sure: You'll understand both sides of the issue of game production..

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