yeah I like news but you are right over the years things have shown us not to 
be to hasty.
Ofcause its normal that once you have this cool thing to blab it out to the 
world in general.
toms copywrite and other issues not withstanding we had the james north 
preeorder saga, and perhaps we should have tweaked then.
But no matter.
there was also the bavisoft thing to, etc, etc.
I remember when it was just pcs.
then gma, then what is now draconis but was espsoftworks.
then lworks.
And thats really that till usagames being the latest addition to actual 
of all the stable companies only gma and pcs have stayed the longest and pcs 
may actually lead since it was back in 95 when we were still using floppys.
Now days most of the industry is amde out of opensource people, and other free 
guys, kitchensinc being the longest stayed soon after pcs and gma, and spoonbil 
which although they don't put out much still do put out small by email order 

Over that we now have and
both part of a massive forum/database and opensource community.
Its where everyone else and everything else has really come from.
I suspect we wouldn't last to long without it.
Shortly after we got bsc games up hmm sometime in the passt before our first 
preeorder disaster we had a few arguments.
I think at one stage in the years before this one it was thought the gaming 
community would die.
I think it would be dead except for the opensource stuff that comes out.
ane the experimental games as well.
However Not much has been released of late but at least the community is active.
We have had rocky corners, once to the point where audyssey was thought that it 
would not exist anymore.
I think if it died the entire community would die or at least the origional 
So yeah being hasty is just not a good idea.
And I found this buy chance to, on which is dead, all 25 issues 
of it.
One of the first loads of things I downloaded from the net to.
At 10:43 a.m. 31/01/2009, you wrote:

>Charles and all,
>Thank you for your message.  This is something very important to  
>remember.  Draconis has the policy of keeping the vast majority of  
>what we're doing secret until things are ready to be released.  We've  
>recently taken on new staff to hopefully increase the number of titles  
>we can release and decrease the amount of time between titles.
>We've been thinking about the idea of lifting the veil more frequently  
>on what we're doing, but the type of gamers you're describing makes us  
>reluctant to do so.  We have neither the time nor the inclination to  
>try to cope with those issues.
>Some developers have been driven away by it.  Some are quite  
>frustrated by it.  And, in the end, it is the gamers who lose out the  
>most, by either not getting new games at all, or not getting to  
>participate in the excitement of a new title under development.
>I admire Tom Ward, who has the time and patience to keep everyone in  
>the loop about his development progress.  Those of us at Draconis find  
>such activity to be distracting and slowing the process of what we  
>really want to be doing...developing games.
>We will have a number of great titles out this year, and they should  
>start coming relatively rapidly.
>Should we lift the veil?  Or should we remain silent.  It is something  
>we will continue to ponder.
>On Jan 30, 2009, at 3:20 PM, Charles Rivard wrote:
>>If you're just dying to play a game, and cannot wait, develop it  
>>yourself after the necessary instruction and learning and buying of  
>>any necessary software and hardware to do the job.  You just might  
>>find yourself as a developer in the slowly growing number of them.   
>>You might, or might not, make money doing it.  You might find that  
>>you enjoy playing the games you develop.  Then again, you might get  
>>darned tired of always answering the questions that you used to  
>>always ask developers who weren't producing games you wanted or  
>>updating ones you already have in a time that satisfies you. At  
>>least, one thing's for sure:  You'll understand both sides of the  
>>issue of game production..
>>If guns cause crime, pencils cause misspelled words.
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