Hi James,

James Said:
It's a matter of what type of game is being made.  If we're talking
fast arcade action, I'd think that most challenge should come from
clever level design rather than the player remembering to change some
setting or other.  The original alchemy monty (when it wasn't
crashing) ran at a much faster pace than anything I've seen from
Thomas Ward.  You guys are talking about a slower fps game.

Tom Says:
True, but as I think you have figured out Montezuma's Revenge was designed to be strictly an arcade game and Mysteries of the Ancients was not. Mysteries of the Ancients uses a modified Genesis 3D Engine which means it retains most of the FPS elements of my Genesis Engine. In fact, if it had not been for pre-paid Montezuma's Revenge buyers I wouldn't have made this game into a side-scroller at all. The arcade features were added to the engine specifically for this game. Plus since I got sacked for making a Montezuma's Revenge style clone a year back I wanted to stay clear of anything like it this time round.

James Said:
you mentioned this was based off of Tomb Raidor, I guess I'm still
clinging onto the idea of an arcade-style platformer.

Tom Says:
Sorry to disappoint but more classic arcade games really isn't in my vision for USA Games. I guess I have lived that life, played arcade games all through my childhood, and want to get beyond all that. Yes, I did like Montezuma's Revenge as a kid , and I did take that project over hoping to see it get completed. I would have completed it if not for a potential law suit telling me to stop production. In fact, the level layouts of my Montezuma's Revenge were closer to the original than were James North's.
James Said:
I'm a big fan of FPS', and
that sounds more like your cup of tea tom as it allows for more
realism without sacrificing fun, so I can't wait to see what you come
up with in that area.

Tom Says:
Well, my Genesis Engine was designed specifically for the FPS style format and that is why Mysteries of the Ancients works the way it does. It is basically the melding of two different styles of games and formats. Plus you might remember there were a lot of complaints about Montezuma's Revenge being boring, not random enough, not enough replay value, not realistic enough, etc. It all comes down to numbers and more people were requesting a more advanced game than the one that was available.

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