Hmm, I didn't think the demo let you go into the forest. Having said that the forest is quite difficult. You'll definitely have to find some way to train your weapon specializations. If you can't do that then the rest of the game will probably be impossible. The forest is nice in that it scales to level, but difficult in that even with said scaling the monster groups can be rather nasty. I believe what I did to get through the first bit of the forest was ran away from the fights I couldn't win. I don't remember if there's strictly a run away option or not, but if you save often and reload it amounts to about the same thing. Once you get to the next town over, which is rather tough since the forest is pretty much a gigantic maze, you should be ok. Just keep going in an easterly direction as much as possible, fighting the fights you're absolutely certain you can win. Hopefully you can figure out the weapon specialization thing, if you get that figured out and make it to the next town, get a few weapon and armor upgrades and start to get some unique weaponry under your belt, you should be in business.
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 Well thus far try as I might to get the weapons specialization to work
it's gone no where.  Though as mentioned the other two screens for
attributes and skills work without a hitch.  I'm guessing without finding
some way to get the training I've reached about the end of the game.  I
attempted the forest without the training and was quickly dispatched by a
wolf pack. I'm not going to give up necessarily but I've no other idea what
to try.


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