Admittedly this one has a bit of a tough interface. What you have to do is select the action you want, then I believe hit n for next turn. One thing you'll want to do is set the game from realtime to turn-based combat, it's still difficult but less so that way. Its been a while since I played, so I'm not entirely certain if in turn-based combat n is necessary to go to the next turn unless its your enemies round or not. I think it tells you somewhere when to press it though. The combat actions are displayed above the choices sort of, so if you see a bunch of rapid scrolling of enemy attacks, you'll know its still in realtime. Its definitely a tough game to get down interface wise, buts its pretty fun once you get it down. If you need any help with anything else, like the quick slots features, or exploring the massive forest when you get there, let me know on or off list and I'll do my best. Might even start up another game, it was rather fun while it lasted.

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Hi Shadow Dragon

 I've taken a look but any overall tips in the party system and how one
works it?  I created 3 decent chars and one poor one.  I'm just starting
out.  How does one finish an action with a character, or do you need to
choose the actions for all party members first?

Ron hacking away

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