Hi Scott,
That is because the alt key is the jump key in beta 5. As to why I made the switch it requires a bit of an explanation. When I first created Mysteries of the Ancients I intended the alt key to jump just as it is in Tomb Raider and several other mainstream games I like to play. Only problem was is that DirectInput seamed to ignore the alt key and I often found myself pressing alt to jump and ended up in the system menu. Well, since porting Mysteries of the Ancients to the cross platform engine written in Java the alt key now works without that problem. So I switched to alt instead of control. Another reason I switched jump to alt is that it frees the control key up for more actions. For Example, since control is now free I can use it to have the player crawl left/right which may come in handy on higher game levels. You might have to crawl through a narrow passage to get to some hidden treasure room or just to get through a certain level.

Scott Chesworth wrote:
Is there any reason why you're thinking of binding jump modifier to
alt instead of control?  Makes sense in my mind if they're bound to
ctrl, its one less thing to remember when making the transition to
playing with a mouse.  I was thinking that perhaps you could bind
either the jump or sprint modifier to the middle mouse button (the
wheel clicks for that even on most two button mice I think?) to give
more of an emphasis on using the mouse in combat.  Which one people
use more out of jumping ducking and sprinting I guess we won't know
until the replies come in, but for me it's more about jumping and
ducking in combat.


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