I seem to remember the developers discussing making a system that gives you hints based on what quest you're on at some point, but it seems they never really got around to it. There's some hints in the quest log as the quest advances, but in my experience those never really helped much.

Yes, I agree completely, the puzzles of mainstream RPG's especailly are usually the kind of puzzles I like as well. The problem with KoL is, while it uses those types of puzzles, it doesn't really have a world, hah, it kind of steals from everyone elses world. Some parts have backstory, some parts don't. Some parts have a bit of history, others are just learn as you go type of things. It's a very weird game, and the only real way to actually get into it is to not expect it to give you fully featured history or backstory and play more for the humorous and completely whacky missions that are usually based on some other game. KoL definitely isn't one of my favorite games, and I actually don't play it that often unless new content or the like comes out or I just feel like playing through an ascention again, but its something I'll always keep coming back to just to see what craziness the developers come up with for new content and adventures.

On the subject of Snes games, you may not believe it, but my favorite RPG to date is still Mario RPG. Its got really cool puzzles, a surprisingly full and detailed world, a great plot, and the characters have depth which is surprising in a mario game, since mario even in the modern world without RPG elements is just a platformer. Its got a really, really advanced battle system, where 90% of the battle is under the players control. Whereas most RPG's just allow you to pick an attack, special attack, spell or whatever and watch it, mario RPG gives you control over that attack. Every single regular attack can be timed to do more damage and a little something extra, for example, bowzer with his chain chomp weapon will spin it above his head and slam the chomp into the enemy like a morning star, but if you press a right as the chomp is about to hit, the chain chomp will latch on to the enemy and bit them a few times for more damage. Specail attacks are the same way. Take Mario's super flame attack. You actually have to repeatedly tap y to get him to throw as many fireballs as possible. Its really neat. Out of battle its got platforming elements, you can have mario jump around and run, and often times puzzles involve doing crazy things, firing yourself from a cannon to hit a switch, driving a mine cart, jumping across tadpoles to play a musical melody, all kinds of neat things. This is by far the type of game I prefer, a game with well thought out and challenging puzzles, but also very deep mechanics that really give the game some depth and power. So far, no RPG I've heard of to date has come close to being as advanced as mario RPG was mechanically. Animations sure, and I've heard legend of dragoon comes close, but from the little I saw, even that one falls a bit short. I'd love to see an audiogame like this, and would program one if I had the time or patience. The audiogames community needs to expand more into the RPG genre, in my opinion, regardless of voice actors and all that. Entombed has proven that a game can be just as fun without full voice acting quite nicely.

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