Magitech is by far my favorite genre, especially when you get things like soldiers from ff7, highly-enhanced humans infused with energy from the planet and bread spacifically for battle and war. I also like how it leaves open several interesting posibilities, for example combining the gun and sword into a single weapon, the gunblade, ala final fantasy 8. My favorite adaptation of the weapon is that the gunblade doesn't actually shoot bullets, but instead the trigger sends a pulse of powerful energy down the blade, basically harnessing the kinetic energy of the payload of the bullet and expending it to make a wound much more vicious than any regular old chop could do. I've always liked the combination of medieval and sci-fi, and if by some miracle I ever managed to scrape together the patience and motivation to learn some kind of programming language, this would be one of the first type of games I'd try to make.

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Well "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away" is ambiguous enough for it to be set anywhere, ---- ;D.

But that was my point. An Sf setting can include fantasy elements, where as it's much less plausable to have a fantasy setting including sf elements like robots, lasers space ships etc.

The other alternative (which could also make an interesting game and something closer to final fantasy), is going magitech.

this basically involves a single world with a quirky tecnological mix, ----- in Xenogears for example, magic existed as a power called Ether which people could harnice, which was also used to fuel giant humanoid fighting robots.

They also had modern weapons like guns etc, but fought with swords and martial arts.

I think though, for diversity of gamebook setting, ----- and because it's something I've always wanted to see in a game, I'd personally most like to see something in a scifi setting, flying around a diverse galaxy exploring different planets.

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