Hi Tom and Dark,
I really like where you guys are going with the topic, and I was hoping to throw in my five dollars(inflation, you know, grin). My only concern about a scifi universe like what dark explained was that the primary purpose might get overshadowed with all the very cool things a player can do in the genre.

I  think, as an example, I would make a foundation like this.
Earth was left behind after it was nearly destroyed in a nuclear exchange thousands of years ago, prompting the remaining human race to seek out new homes in the stars. Thousands of years later, humanity has been around, has colonized many worlds, some highly technical, some more wild, until they hit the mother lode. A core of worlds that could be a new home. They colonize, terraform, they expand and you get a new human home, with a space empire to boot. Never the less, as time progresses, the first human galactic empire falls, it's borders dropping only to about a half dozen worlds. and that leaves many planets cut off except a very few, allowing those "rogue" planets to become whatever without interference from the Hi Tech empire. Thru the time of this space "dark age" humanity all over the galaxy starts to change thru cybernetic implants, eugenic programs, genetic manipulation to make humans better suited for a particular world, radiation, magic, or just simple breeding and racial traits adaptations and mutations. In any event, after the many thousands of years and the continual changing and manipulation of DNA thru all the hybrid worlds, humanity established in the small galactic empirefind out about a strange genetic flaw which is causing the human race to become unable to produce viable offspring. In effect, the babies being born die only minutes out of the womb. Furthermore, this same genetic flaw has started to affect each and every human being. The only hope for humanity is to find a "pure strain" of humans in order to discover the answer to the mystery and save the entire human race from eventual extinction.

Needless to say, brave bands of Seekers need to be brought together to go forth and search the galaxy for that elusive "pure strain". This means that all manner of characters with all manner of job skills are needed. Some examples would be military personnel who would protect the starcraft from bandits, pirates, marauders and hostile enemy war vessels. Highly trained soldiers like rangers or green beret types would be needed to go out in the field for or with the scientists to protect them and things of that nature. scientists of all sorts are needed to help discover, and create the cure to save the human race. They would also be experts in various fields like computers and A.I. , robotics, cybernetics, biology, chemistry, even archeology. Then there is the medical personnel, space craft crew to maintain and drive the seeker ship. A few ambassadors would be good for dealing with planets with civilized governments, and even some criminal types would be needed to get into some more "stealthy" situations of all sorts(after all, we are talking about saving the entire human race , by hook or by crook). Merchants would be invaluable as they would be needed to barter for things from food and water, fuel, or for a broke hyperdrive out in the middle of some desert planet somewhere. grin. The seeker ship could have a small squadron of single man or two man fighter space craft for various missions or ship defense as well, meaning maintanienc crews and space jocks would be needed for them. Then there is the possiblity of androids and robots, alien friendly races etc. Now as the seekers go searching, they will run into all sorts of strange and new worlds, and there might even be oppurtunities to grab skills not immediatly available, like maybe magic, or certain types of implants, or psionic mind powers etc and so forth. In addition, each quest does not have to be immediatly focused on the pure strain cure. The seekers could be asked to clear up some pirates at an asteroid mining colony before given a crucial bit of equipment, or a star map leading to some new unexplored planet. New technologies might be out there as well and could be bought, stolen, invented such as cloaking devices, light sabers, teleportation devices, holtzman engines etc and so forth. Also with the storyline is questions like, is the human flaw problem the inevitable product of human genetic self manipulation, or is it the new deadly weapon of an alien race not encountered yet. Could it be something introduced to humanity by a nazi like group of "pure" humans who hate all humanity not pure like themselves (which they ironically would have the very cure for humanity in themselves). Is it an attack from an alternate dimension, or was stephen hawking right and there really is some kind of information paradox out there (I watch a lot of the science channel, grin).
How does that sound?


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