Hi Allan,
I do think you have a decent story line that could be further developed into a roll playing game. Although, there are a few miner issues where I differ with you on the story line. First, your story line proposes assembling a team of brave adventurers to explore the galaxy for the perfect genetic strands of humanity to keep they human race, such as it is, from becoming extinct. As I've mentioned before if I write this game it will be from a single player point of view. There will be no party based play. So it would be up to a single player to be skilled or to be trained in various skills in order to carry out the adventure at hand rather than a full team of explorers. Second, I think I find the story just a tad bit limiting in a way. In your plot description humanity has become scattered among the stars and through centuries of genetic alterations the human species is facing extinction. That aspect of the story isn't very appealing to me as a gamer. I think I would personally like it if there actually was a galactic federation, republic, or empire of planets with various alien races besides humans. This would allow for more character development in terms of picking a character race, class, and perhaps powers. For example, when I was in college I joined a guild of Star wars roll playing enthusiast's. One thing that made the game so enjoyable was the ability to create a truly unique character in the game universe. I wasn't limited to any specific race, class, and so on. In terms of alien races alone I could be a human, Rodian, Wookee, etc. I could even be some sort of droid if I wanted to. The options were pretty flexible there. Then, there were various class types such as a Jedi, smuggler, bounty hunter, tech, and so on. You could be unaligned, or you could choose to side with the Rebellion or the Empire. Either way you had alot of freedom in deciding what your character specialized in. In terms of special powers goes this might be determined by the characters class or race. For example, in a Star Trek rpg Betazoids, while human, do haveempathic powers where a human from Earth wouldn't. A person who is part human and part Q would have special abilities and powers far above any normal human. Those are just a couple of examples how selecting a character race might effect powers. Anyway, what i was going to say is having a well defined universe for your character to play in is the amount of possible adventures available for that character. Let us say your character is traveling through hyper space when he/she recieves a destress signal. He/she may answer the destress call and find out that a mining colony is being raided by pirates. If your character is a roguelike character, say a smuggler, he/she might want to side with the pirates and get a reward for helping them out. If your character is a heroic like character, say a galactic ranger, he/she will attempt to fight off the pirate attack. Either way suchan action might come to the attention of the galactic council. If your actions were noble they might give you special tasks to carry out for them. if your actions were dishonest it might cause a bounty to be put on your head, and your over all alignment status would go down considerably. Finally, we have to be careful what technology we put in the game. You mentioned including light sabers. That is a big no no interms of copyright law. Light sabers are unfortunately a copyrighted trade mark of the Star Wars Universe. WE have to be careful about things like that.

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