Indeed. Also, how about hearing voices of your party right in 3d position? Seems cool at a first glance. But now i am thinking is it so practical and about server issues because a lot of traffic. Basically i want to use binary protocol to enable
users with low bandwidth.

That sounds cool, but that might be pretty demmanding on both the server and client computer. I've never done anything like that myself so am not really in a position to advise you on this.

Actually, i have some  experience
integrating lua into game engine. However, lua isn't very c-like in terms of syntax, it uses "end" keyword as in pascal. But lua is very very fast and has small overhead, there is even a JIT for lua, and i don't know a better solution for games. But if you have some c-like interpretable performance language in view, let me know.

Hmm...Good question. Well there is TCL (Tool Command Language) that does have a C-like syntax when used as ascripting language. I don't have much experience with it personally, but I have seen it used in various programs as a scripting language for C/C++. I remember the syntacs was similar enough to C/C++ that I understood what was happening in the scripts.

Is there mac support? Anyway to add open al support into my client you need just write a subclass of abstract sound and implement all of methods (play, setPosition
etc). and then change one line in the factory  function.

Yes, OpenAL is supported on Mac OS. If I am not mistaken OpenAL is installed on Mac OS X by default. So it is very cross platform friendly.


Since this topic is fairly technical and involves programming why don't we move this topic to the developers list.

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