First, I don't think I'd classify Angband or any of the Roguelikes as an
RPG.  These feel more like tactical simulations with a lot of details added
End quote

I agree. I'm not thinking of a roguelike adventure such as Angband or Ancient Domains of Mystery. What I am thinking of is a game book style game play along the lines of Sryth. My game world will be full of towns, cities, forests, mountains, and have an open ended story line. The game needs to be written more like an interactive book instead of one large dungeon.

One big advantage of what Tom is proposing would be the possibility of
user-extensibility.  As I understand it, the game design would be completely
modular, so it should be possible to bolt on new modules fairly easily.
End quote

Yes and no. It is true that using ascripting language like php would make the task of updating the game, bolting on new modules, etc much easier. However, I am not as open to the idea of end users just bolting on their own modules themselves. For one thing they would have to have full access to the USA Games web server, and for security reasons I can't allow that. Plus once I create the core game scripts they'll need to follow whatever guidelines and coding conventions I use in order to keep the code clean and bug free. Finally, there is the problem with copyrights. If you or someone sends me an adventure submission, a npc character, whatever I would have legal right to assume copyright control of that story or character. However, some people may object to that, or they may think that by contributing x number of adventures entitles them to a discount on the game subscription. So I'm not really sure where I stand on this idea of end user extensibility.

I'm not sure how to translate all of these thoughts into a playable
computer-mediated game.  The questions transcend the medium and would be
faced no matter how you decide to deploy the game.
I don't know how ambitious you want to be Tom, but I would be interested in
being a part of the creation of things, if you're looking for any
collaborators.  I have 25 years of IRL role-playing experience, both playing
and running games. End quote

At this point I'm really just hoping to work on the games story and have 10 to 20 adventures to start with. Like Sryth, Kingdom of Loathing, whatever it is going to start out very small and gradually grow as time passes. The main thing I need is adventure ideas, names for npc characters, names for towns, cities, etc. I have some written down, and more of this kind of stuff would never hurt.

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