Hi Thomas,

Well, that sort of games is called MMORPG in main stream. is it actually rpg or not is debatable question.

For the game concept i have only general vision of the game play process, with different degree of deep. I am not very good in writing stories. It will be a first-person, because i think that this view enables more diving into the game atmosphere. The players can explore the world and interract with each other. I think you can imagine a lot of features which is possible in such sort of game, so i don't want to write huge list of features. I just want to describe interesting solution i considered about combat. When you are in fight with one victim, it will be easy to do your best. But i want to enable big parties of players and monsters (say 5 characters in a group). Consider there are different classes of characters. The mage needs to cast his fireballs on the most appropriate victim, cleric must heal his most damaged friends, fighters must stay in contact with alien fighters etc. It can be very difficult to figure out what are going around you and how to react appropriately. For eliminate this we can implement a time slowness area around the combat. For example, if you start fighting with single victim, there is no time difference. But if there are three opponents, the game will create time sloweness zone around them. and when another players come up enough to enter the fight, the time will be also slowed for them.

Let's now dive into the technical part. I selected c++ as a development language both for client and server. I plan to use lua or python for writing quests. For client, i have resourcing, modern 3d sound system with lot of features (based on FMODEX), my own input action mapping (SDL), tts module (for now only sapi5 on windows), prototype of UI (menus, dialogs, edit fields) and networking (boost::asio). I am using GNU gettext for localization. all of this (besides sapi) is crossplatform.

Server: there is basic networking and collision detection of 3d primitives. A lot of work must be done here.

I think that prior to developing game story i need to have working world (walking and chatting). However, i incline to historical world or mythology (perhaps russian?)

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