Well, that sort of game is called MMORPG in main stream. is it actually rpg or
not is debatable question.

Actually, I made a mistake earlier. I thought you had said SoundRTS instead of SoundMUD. SoundMUD is called a MMORPG, and once I remembered SoundMUD was loosely based on Diablo I understood what you were talking about.

It will be a first-person, because i think that this view enables more diving into the game atmosphere. The players can explore the world and interract with each other. I think you can imagine a lot of features that would be available in such a game.

Yes, I can easily imagine why you would want to go for an FPS style format. The main one being more realistic. Instead of throwing attack rolls you would actually have to engage in combat in real time. That means you would have to press one key to attack and another to use your weapon to block etc. There is a lot of interesting possabilities right there.

I selected c++ as the development  language
both for client and server. I plan to use lua or python for  writing quests.

I don't have an issue with C++, but I hate Python with a passsion. I like strongly typed languages with plenty of braces, brackets, etc like C++. Python is a massive turn off for me because it doesn't conform to a C standard. Anyway, I know this is your game, and you can use what you want. I just wanted to say if I did decide to work with you this would be a technical point we would likely disagree on.

For client, i have resourcing, modern 3d sound system with lot of features (based on FMODEX), my own input action mapping (SDL), tts module (for now only sapi5 on windows.

Are you planning on selling this game? If you are don't forget FMODEX has to be properly licensed for commercial projects. Of course, if you are planning on a free game then you can use it for free. That's one of the reasons I haven't included FMODEX in any of my games yet. The cost is simply too high to put into a commercial game engine. One API I am seriously looking at for the next generation cross platform version of Genesis 3D is OpenAL. So far it looks like a fairly decent audio API. Although, the Linux port hasn't been updated in quite some time.

However, i incline  to historical world or  mythology (perhaps russian?)

Makes sense seeing as you are from that part of the world. Since I am not exactly well versed in Russian history and mythology I can't be of any help there.

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