Hi, definitely. Take my version of Montezuma's Revenge verses the mainstream game released in 1984 as an example here. In my version enemies would only do about 25% damage on the beginner level and would only be updated once a second or so. That's an eternity for a mainstream vidio game. It would be child's play for a mainstream gamer. The real 1984 game, which mine was based on, operated at least 10 times faster, enemies moved rapidly on the screen,and coming in contact with an enemy resulted in instant death. It was definitely far more challenging, difficult, and tricky than mine ever hoped to be. I actually emulated some of this on the expert difficulty level, but people complained, "it is too hard." My conclusion is rather obvious. If my expert level came close to emulating the actual game and people complained it was too difficult what does that say about the average blind gamer? What does that say about our willingness to play mainstream games as they were designed without handicaps? Are we really willing and able to play at the same level as the mainstream gamers?

Bryan Peterson wrote:
Exactly. That's basically what I was getting at. It would just be so much quicker and therefore harder that it would probably make the complaints you've been getting about the latest Beta of Mota seem like nothing. That of course would probably make the developer who tried the experiment, particularly if it was a mainstream company and not used to dealing with us, regret the entire venture.

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