Besides, when the time comes to start work on the rest of the Tomb Hunter series they'll be a lot more like the modern FPS games I'm quite sure, so a lot of the features people have requested for MOTA would make more sense in a game like that.
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Hi Scot,
First, I'm glad the breathing/torch sounds seam to be fixed. That one was a very difficult bug to track down and fix. I was hoping it was really and truly fixed. So far so good. Second, as for the new view command I have my reasons for not checking for the nearist item first, and so on. The main reason is a matter of time. That is an extremely massive rewrite of the game's review/view system, and it would take a considerable amount of time. I am shooting for a mid December release date for the game, and I simply don't want to introduce further delays into the development process if I can help it. Besides requests like this can always be added, fixed, changed, whatever after 1.0 is released, and I am not on any time table to get the game finished and off my desk for a while. At this point my priorities for the next release, release candidate 1, is to complete the game's registration system, add the rest of the game levels, and fix the problems with 64 byt edditions of Windows. After that the game should be pretty near ready for final release. That's my plans for the near future at least. Third, as for interupting speech I thought the control key was suppose to do that. I added that feature way back when, but I think I disabled it do to some complaint or other about it. Either way i can check, and probably reenable the feature in the next test release. Fourth, as for hand to hand combat I've been getting lots of requests for that specific feature. Given the large amount of requests I'm certainly thinking about it. However, I have already drafted a release schedule for this game. Every time I stop to add this and that feature, fulfill end user suggestions, whatever I am going to fall further and further behind on that release schedule. If I stopped to include every suggestion, request, and feature I was asked to I might get the game done by Christmas of 2010 instead of Christmas of 2009 if I'm lucky. I guess what I'm saying is I have sales records for Montezuma's Revenge dating clear back to December of 2004. Although, I didn't take those orders, James North did, those customers have been waiting 5 years for a game. Since Montezuma's Revenge had to be haulted because of legal reasons I still owe them a game. It is unfair to them, I think, to keep dragging the release of Mysteries of the Ancients out indefinitely to please each and every person that has a suggestion or request. As I said above once 1.0 is finished I can always update the game later after I've had some time off and there is no pressure to release something to the public. Finally, as for enemies remaining in the same room where they were placed that's rather typical of a classic side-scroller. When this game started out the original intent of the game was to resemble something of an 80's side-scroller, but that intent has changed somewhat since I have been buried under end user requests for more modern suggestions like random items, random enemies, whatever. As a result what we got is something of a 80's side-scroller that acts more and more like a modern FPS game. If people wanted an FPS game instead of a classic side-scroller I'm not sure why they just didn't request one instead of me creating a classic side-scroller, and then requested that I bring it up to more modern standards. Anyway, I'm glad you really like the game. it has been a long tough two years since I started on it, and I am more than ready to just get it done and over with. I always put my best into a project even if it isn't something I personally would have designed on my own.


Scott Chesworth wrote:
Hi Tom,

Just upgraded here.

Great work fixing the jump bug, movement feels way more natural to me
now.  I've only played a few rounds so far but haven't been able to
make the torch or heavy breathing carry back over to the menues yet
either, so far so good with squashing that bug.

Three  things for ya:

1.  The new view method, I'm not sure it's any more productive.  In a
room with a lot of objects such as two fires to jump and a door plus
whatever else might be there randomly generated, it takes a long time
to listen through just to find out how far you are away from
something.  There also doesn't seem to be any consistency in the order
that things are announced.
Perhaps the most productive order of announcements would be to give
you the closest object first in the direction you're facing when you
hit v, followed by the item next farthest etc, then a repeat
performance for the items behind you.
To maximise the productivity of having this style of view command
instead of a menue I think you'll definitely need a key to interupt
speech.  I couldn't find one in the users guide.

2.  I like the game being harder as it has been in the last few betas,
but it seems very odd to me that Angela can run totally out of ammo
and not have any short range less powerful item such as a combat knife
or her fists to fall back on.  Not trying to make the game too much
easier as there'd be a big damage diference between a gun and her
fists for sure, I'm thinking more of realism.

3.  Enemies still don't ever follow you from room to room.  It's very
possible to enter a room, take a pot shot at a nasty thing, step back
a couple steps and have a cup of tea, and although I'm only on the
other side of an open door Mr Nasty never thinks to follow me through.
 It's not a game play strategy I'd use much, but I found it's easy to
use this strategy to pick off everything if you're dangerously low on
ammo, and it cripples the difficulty and realism factors.

On a more positive note, the last few goes at the game I just had were
using my new in-ear monitors and it made me re-realise just how
awesome the music and sounds are!


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