Thanks for the suggestions. That's not necessarily a bug, but just the way I designed it. When Angela is out of range she doesn't do anything, and I suppose I can have her throw a swing, waist strength, but you have to remember the game character can actually see her target. A normal person wouldn't throw a swing until he or she was in attack range. Anything else is just waisting time and energy for no gain. That's my logic anyway.

matheus wrote:
hi thomas. i noticed a bug with the mota beta 9 hand to hand combat.
first, i'd like to thank you for making the game, it's truly amazing,
the last version that i plaied before beta 9 was beta 5, or 6, i don't
remember. and  a lot of things have changed since it. now,with the hand
to hand combat, you always have more chance to be able to win, in case
you don't find a good weapon / don't have enough amo to conitnue.
here's the bug: i noticed that if i press spacebar a lot of times wen
i'm not near a enemy, she won't punch / kick. this is not right, since
doing it, i noticed that she won't lose strenght for doing it. so you
can keep pressing spacebar like crazy until you hit the enemy. that's
hmm, cheating in my opinion. even wen she's not near a enemy,she should
punch and lose some strength. and the other suggestion, is to add a
sound for the punch / kick  wen it doesn't connect(a miss sound) just to
know that you've tried to punch / kick something,but missed.
thanks again man.

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