Hi Thomas,

Just in case you want to, quieting the sounds during a pause is not that hard 
to do.  And for my games that do it, the idea is for like when the phone rings, 
you want to tab to a different AP or any thing like that where the sounds of 
the game is in the way or annoying.

So for me in VB6 and DX 8.1 I need to declare all of the sound buffers in the 
declarations section such as in Puppy1

Dim mg12 As DirectSoundSecondaryBuffer8

So I just copied all of the declared sound buffer variables that might be 
playing and pasted them into the paws sub.  I then got the current playing 
volume, then set all of their volumes to non audible and put the game in a 
pause loop.  Then when a key or button was pressed to resume the game, it set 
all of the volumes back to what they were when the initial pause key or button 
was pressed.

Here is my paws sub

Sub paws()
Dim pv(18)
On Local Error Resume Next
jkp = 0
say2 " Puppy Pause "
v = -6000
pv(1) = sy.GetVolume
pv(2) = sy2.GetVolume
pv(3) = sy3.GetVolume
pv(4) = aaf.GetVolume
pv(5) = bp1.GetVolume
pv(6) = bp2.GetVolume
pv(7) = bp3.GetVolume
pv(8) = bp4.GetVolume
pv(9) = wind.GetVolume
pv(10) = pengl.GetVolume
pv(11) = pengr.GetVolume
pv(12) = bgp1.GetVolume
pv(13) = bgp2.GetVolume
pv(14) = bgp3.GetVolume
pv(15) = bgp4.GetVolume
pv(16) = bgp5.GetVolume
pv(17) = bgp6.GetVolume
sy.SetVolume v
sy2.SetVolume v
sy3.SetVolume v
aaf.SetVolume v
bp1.SetVolume v
bp2.SetVolume v
bp3.SetVolume v
bp4.SetVolume v
wind.SetVolume v
pengl.SetVolume -2727
pengr.SetVolume -2727
bgp1.SetVolume v
bgp2.SetVolume v
bgp3.SetVolume v
bgp4.SetVolume v
bgp5.SetVolume v
bgp6.SetVolume v
If jkok = 1 Then
say " Press the same button to resume game. "
say " Press the P key to resume game. "
End If
dyke 0.3
jkp = 0
hk = 0
If jkok = 1 Then
If jkp = 1 Then hk = 1
If g2$ = "p" Then hk = 1
End If
Loop While hk = 0
say2 " resuming "
sy.SetVolume pv(1)
sy2.SetVolume pv(2)
sy3.SetVolume pv(3)
aaf.SetVolume pv(4)
bp1.SetVolume pv(5)
bp2.SetVolume pv(6)
bp3.SetVolume pv(7)
bp4.SetVolume pv(8)
wind.SetVolume pv(9)
pengl.SetVolume pv(10)
pengr.SetVolume pv(11)
bgp1.SetVolume pv(12)
bgp2.SetVolume pv(13)
bgp3.SetVolume pv(14)
bgp4.SetVolume pv(15)
bgp5.SetVolume pv(16)
bgp6.SetVolume pv(17)
jkp = 0
dyke 0.7
End Sub




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