Hi Phil,
Actually, the combat in Montezuma's Revenge was a bit strange even for games of that era. When you picked up a sword as soon as you got near to a skull or spider Panama Joe would automatically swing it. after the monster was killed the sword vanished from your inventory, and of course you had to find another one. If you didn't have a sword you had to jump over the monster. However, as best I can recall in games like Double Dragon, Legend of Kage, as long as you were close enough to an enemy you hit it. There are some exceptions like the bosses in Megaman that would evade attacks, and they were even invonerable to certain attacks. So having Angela miss isn't completely out of line, and nor was I upset by that feature request. It is more to do with I am getting requests both on and off list dealing with all kinds of features that aren't typical for a side-scroller. Features that would be better suited for an FPS game. If I don't add those feature requests it is completely possible those people may not buy the game. It dosn't have the features they want and so on. If I do add them I get nagged from the other side saying they baught Montezuma's Revenge, a classic side-scroller at least, and I'm not delivering the type of game I promised etc, etc, etc. All those nifty features most people like, would be willing to pay for, aren't what a few other people want.

Phil Vlasak wrote:
Hi Thomas,
My opinion is that the game is great the way it is and there is no need to make drastic changes in it. There was never a blind friendly side scroller so I think having a swoosh sound when you miss, is consistent with the idea of making a pure visual game accessible. I didn't know that when you were in range of a creature in a side scroller that you hit 100 percent of the time. I am satisfied that if that is what happened in the original MR, then keep MOTA doing that.

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