Hi Bryan and all,
Another point most proponents of a side-scroller don't realize is that the majority of side-scrollers don't have much variation from level to level. In the classic Super Mario Brothers you had an overworld level, underworld level, a waterworld level, and the castle level. After a while the game just looped through variations of these levels with very miner changes thrown in here and there, but were basically the same levels over and over again. Montezuma's Revenge had the same problem. After a few levels you would get to play the same level again only with some variation like a burning rope instead of a regular rope, skulls were invincible, the rooms were darker, enemies were faster, whatever. Back then it didn't seam like a big deal if the game kept giving you the same levels over and over again because that is what we all were use to. Ok, now I am writing this side-scroller. I don't want to reuse the same levels over again so I have been trying to come up with 12 unique game levels. That's harder said than done since most side-scrollers start at the bottom lefthand corner and you must work your way to the righthand corner of the level. There are some exceptions to that rule, but let's not forget we are working with a 2d flat serfice which limits the number of rooms, secret areas, whatever we can add to that level.

Bryan Peterson wrote:
I'd say the same Sean. It doesn't sound as though leaving it as is and just finishing it that way if I read Thomas' message right. I like the more challenging game that MOTA has become, so if keeping that means we need to go FPS I'm all for it. One thing Side Scroller pushers aren't considering is that any one of our devs could, if they so chose, create the classic, true 80s style side scroller anytime. And since Thomas has spent three years and more on a project that wasn't really even his to begin with I feel he deserves some say in the matter. And since FPS style games are more to his taste I think that if enough people agree with him we should all live with the consequences. I for one don't want to see the classic side scroller if it means it'll go back to being static.

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