Hi Dark,
Hmmm...I didn't know that. I never played any of the Turrican games, and it was around that time my vision was starting to get really bad. So after the early to mid 90's I pretty much stopped playing games. I played a few PC games like Tomb Raider, Jedi Knight, etc but my sight was so bad they were really difficult to play very well. Anyway, the point is I don't have much experience with the more modern side-scrollers so that is in part to blame for why I am saying side-scrollers didn' have this or that feature. Back when I still had full sight they didn't, and when they did support those features my vision was too bad to really enjoy those games. So I didn't really play them any more.

dark wrote:
Hello Tom.

Once more, ---- this is something which changed entirely as side scrollers evolved.

the first turrican game for instance produced in 1990, had five worlds. While certain enemy types were recycled for the levels of one world, each level also had unique features as well, ---- and of course each world had a completely unique enemy and trap set.

The second turrican game released in 1991 had an even more unique set of settings for levels and their enemies.

while some enemies, ---- such as the generic walkers, would appear in multiple stages, others, ---- right up until the last level, would be completely unique.

Again, this was an evolution of the side scrolling genre from the days of the 80's onwards.

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