Hi Peter,

Hmmm...Well in Shades of Doom and Sarah too there are commands to mark your location.That way if you run across a marker you know you've been there before. Plus Shades of doom does let you find doors and exits with the x key. Both also have a way to check if you've visited that spot before. However, in Sarah you need the Remember All to get the visited here reminder. I wonder if these features would help you much, and how much success you have had using them?

As far as background ambiance goes I certainly plan to do all I can in terms of providing that kind of feedback. Obvious things like lava pits, fire, dripping ledges, swinging ropes, etc does a good job of providing an audio landmark of where you are. I could also add visited here commands to let you know if you've been in a certain room or not before.

peter Mahach wrote:
well thomas, I'm not exactly sure, however I can give a great example of a game I could quickly get out of circling, that game being entombed. the first thing that could tell me I'm iomewhere I explored was the squishing sound of enemy corpses and the coordinates key said if I have been or have not been here before. but the cool part is the slash key. it gives a message of something like this. "nearest unexplored space: west, 1. north, 2. east, 3. north, 2. west, 7..." and so on.you could call it a gps of sorts that doesn't spoil anything but it can certainly lead you out of circling. but being the game is more based on squares like treasure hunt I see a different way that'd be more suited for an full fps game. up on pressing a key you could hear something like "area locator on. go straight... turn east here... climb this ladder..." or something like that until you reach the area. then it could say "unexplored space located. area navigator off." another thing could be sound landmarks. for instance in monkey business almost on every level there are different ambiences that only add to the atmosphere yet aid in navigation. "ah, I've been here before... so let's go another way." I know this isn't suited for something like mota unless you could use different drips, wind howls for different areas but in something like a star trek game that could work better with sounds of people working with pads... the warp core in the middle of the room... etc.


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