Hi Dark,
Oh, reading you loud and clear. I understood what you were getting at the first time. I just wanted to point out that both as a developer and gamer the only reason I can see to come up with another Uno, Solitaire, Blackjack, Monopoly, or Space Invader type game is for the purposes of creating cross platform versions. The Windows market is flooded with such games already as far as I am concerned. However, I will say this in defense of the guys who put out the Space Invader and Boppit type games even though there are several around. Programming is a difficult field for some people to get into. Everyone wants to be able to create something they can share. Simple card and board games and even a Space Invader type clone is fairly easy to create. Creating a game as complex as Mysteries of the Ancients takes some skill, practice, and programming knowledge beyond a beginner level. A full FPS game engine like the GMA engine takes considerably more skill yet. Many of these newby programmers would give up long before they reach that skill level, and they litterally have to start somewhere. Even if it means putting out another game like Boppit or Blackjack. I confess when I began programming around 97 or 98 the first games I created for myself were Blackjack, Draw Poker, Checkers, and games like that. However, unlike several others when I started USA Games I knew Jim Kichen already had games like this so I elected not to release my own Dos games that were basically the same thing. Still I needed to start somewhere and I started with the most basic and easy games I could create.

dark wrote:
Hi Tom.

by "original" in this case I mean original to the community. It afterall does Vi gamers no good to say there are hundreds of side scrollers, ---- if none are accessible without vision, ---- this is why, though I myself stil have enough vision to play games liek turrican, Mega man and Metroid, I'd stil love to see something similar in audio.

I admit I didn't considder the cross platform issue, ---- which is fair enough, and I would say that a company like 7-128 who are able to make Windows and mac versions of their accessible games are indeed doing a very good job.

However, the cases I can think of are those where developers, ---- (once again, I won't accuse or name names), create windows self-voicing card games which they then try to claime as original despite the fact there are many others around, ---- or spend their time making a windows arcade game which just plays like another version of boppit.

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