True again Tom.

also though, i would point out, that this is all the more reason for when a developer is just rehashing an existing game and passing it off as a new idea, ---- which I'm sorry to say has happened on a couple of occasions i can think of, ---- it's all the more important for the community and the other devs to set them right. Q9, Superliam, Tomb hunter, ----- and even Tarzan Junior ar significantly different games, ---- I own and enjoy playing all of them. if however a developer stated an intention to create something like another space invaders game, a self-voicing single player black jack or a modified version of boppit, ---- they'd have to offer a pretty good account as to why such a game would be a worth while use of their time and skills which could be put to work in writing something we have more need for.

such justifications are possible, ---- as Liam proved with judgement day and it's many unlockables, and Che proved with his online playable tournament black jack, ---- but I'd say a developer would do well to considder all accessible games available before sitting down to code, ----- especially if they expect to sell such games.

I don't want to name and shame here, ---- but I can certainly think of a couple of developers who imho have very much wasted their ttime in creating just another game of a familiar type, ---- and, what is worse in several cases, expecting people to spend money upon it.

This could've been avoided if they just looked around to see what was out there first, or honestly admitted that the couple of extra sounds they stuck in the game didn't make it in any way original or worth the asked price.

btw, this is on my mind, sinse the audio games database is back up and running, ---- and in considdering some new entries I'm finding it quite hard to stay at the very least neutral when describing certain games.

with the database though, Where as I'll always say anything good that imho should be said about a game, ---- I don't make negative comments, ----- however deserved I might think they could be.

I'll freely say what I want here and on the forums though, ---- sinse they are less official.

Beware the Grue!


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