Hi Dark,
Yeah, I know. I realise that Mysteries of the Ancients is unique amung audio games, and that's the primary reason I decided to listen to the customers and keep it as is. As you said there aren't any 90's style side-scrollers out there for audio gamers. Of the four existing side-scrollers Hunter, Q9, Super Liam, and Tarzan Junior, they all are more or less classic side-scrollers. Mysteries of he Ancients is definitely going to change that when released, and be a very unique product for blind gamers for sure. As you said there are a number of classic mainstream side-scrollers I could do that wouldn't be as complex is Mysteries of he Ancients, but would be more complex than Q9 by far. One such game would be Adventure Island which would be a pretty cool game to convert to audio. Another game I wouldn't mind seeing is Contra. Then, of course, there is Castlevania, Megaman, Donkey Kong, etc. There are so many to choose from, and I could make a career out of reproducing clasic side-scrollers alone. Thing is all of them would be unique in their own way.


dark wrote:
Well Tom,

As I said before, while myself and others can make suggestions or recommendations, ---- it's stil your decision.

Would a symple left to right side scroller with few enemies, ---- the original double dragon only had 5 and the last boss, be such a bad thing?

As Q9 has proved, ---- clearly not when done well, with it's great sounds, good mechanics and number of environments.

that being said, Q9 is the 3rd such game we have, ---- the first two being Tarzan Jr and superliam, ----- you could possibly also count treasuremania from lighttech as well.

Would it be so terrible to have another game in this style? no.

I personally was happy with original Montizumas revenge as it was, ---- heck, I've stil got the last beta on my computer.

We however have no 90s style side scrollers, with fully targitable and interesting weapons, puzle and exploration features, ----- or indeed any vertical movement at all.

to be brutally honest, even original Mega man is a more complex game than Q9 is. Six different starting stages each with unique enemies and a boss, six different weapons to collect pluss the default weapon, ---- unique hazards in each world such as the disappearing/reappearing blocks in ice man's stage, the electric bariers in Elec man's stage and the moving mine carts in guts man's stage, ---- not to mention a further five stages in Doctor Wily's castle, which are similarly unique (though shorter than the original six).

though created in 1986, I'd stil say the first mega man game is more complex than anything seen in audio 2D thus far.

The game that has the potential to change this is tomb hunter in it's current state of developement, ---- which is why it is such a valuable project.

This isn't intended as bashing Q9, ---- i think it's a very well made game, just noting type and genre considderations.

Then, there is the vertical movement question. this is something I was truly excited about in Montizumas revenge, and a real inervation even when you were intending a more basic style game.

No audio 2D game really has explored the vertical plane much at all. all, ---- even in as simple a way as original marrio brothers did.

Considder, original mario scrolls from left to right and not vertically, ---- but how much vertical movement does marrio himself do?

How much jumping from ledge to ledge upwards, avoiding hazards from above, attacking monsters from below etc.

Considder even the basic layout of the marrio brothers end of each level with the stair case rising up which you can take a running leap off to try and hit the top of the flag pole.

I've always contended that, ---- despite the obvious need to keep the players' focus, ---- the "view" if you don't mind the term, abswolutely next to the character in audio, as compared to a graphical side scroller like mario where you can have a tiny character on a screen many times larger.

Stil, if audio navigation is good enough, --- it should be just as possible to show a 2D vertical plane around the character in audio as it is to show a 3D environment.

So even if you did decide next to create audio castle vania, ---- so long as the vertical movement was there, --- I'd say you were stil doing something pretty inervative.

Just to repeat, this is not a bash of Q9 at all, --- I've bought the game and enjoy it a lot!

Beware the grue!


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