Hi Dark,
Well, I don't know if you have ever read Nora Roberts' Circle of Gods trilogy, but those books get heavily into vampire lore. In particular Nora Roberts covers the legends of Lilith --- who is sometimes believed to be a demon of some kind, and in more modern years used as queen of the vampires in books. In this case Nora Roberts uses her as the queen of the vampires, and she has several magical gifts and powers. So giving vampires some sort of magic powers isn't out of the question here.

One part of that series of books I really liked was the magic sword that the newly crowned queen of gia draws from the stone. It was fashioned by the Irish Goddess Morigan, and possessed magic powers and abilities beyond that of any normal weapon. It of course comes heavily into play when it comes to slaying vampires during the great war at the end of Valley of silence. Those books more than anything has influenced a lot of my recent ideas about a Castlevania clone, or at least something like Castlevania.


dark wrote:
I've never been an anne rice fan at all for various reasons, but I always took it that when Van Gelda talks about vampires having control over the elements, ---- this could include the element of fire!

In fact in white wolf's world of darkness vampire roleplay system, elemental control is in there too as a standard vampire power with fireball throwing at higher levels.

this also has fun powers like various sorts of mental domination, control over shadows and teleportation.

Beware the grue!


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