that's not a series I've ever heard of at all Tom, ---- they do sound fun though.

If I remember my mythology, part of the Lilith myth was that she was Adam's first wife created before Eeve, ---- but was unfaithful and unpleasant so turned into the first vampire.

there is also of course the common belief that Cane who killed Able was punished with a cursed immortality.

One modern retelling of the Beeawolf story I read had Grendel as the third and last child of Cane, ---- though in other circles, (such as the White Wolf world of darkness background), kain was said to be the first vampire and stil be around, ----- though also actually regret his crimes and actually be a nice person. One plot I heard of had an ancient vampire of the Bali clan causing severe problems and trying to start wars which would end the world, ---- at which point he just disappeared and the name Kane was left on the wall.

anyway before this gets too much into strange vampire law I'd better sotp.

Beware the grue!


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