This is sounding worryingly familiar Tom. the Uk bennifit laws work very much the same way, ---- with the nastier restriction that you actually can only have £6000 in savings or lose the lot, ---- a penny over and everything goes west.

pluss, once your off disability bennifit, your off!

On the occasions that relatives have left me money or I've been able to save extra, I actually have to funnel it into an account my parents hold, sinse otherwise I'd actually be seriously struggling to ahve enough money even to buy food, ---- let alone pay my tuition fees.

You also under Uk law cannot legally work more than 16 hours a month and keep disability bennifits, ---- and you can only work that 16 hours for a six month period as on the job training.

For this reason my brother is stil! working voluntarily for a law firm trying to get his salicitor's training contract, ---- because he legally cannot earn the money without losing his bennifits, ---- and he couldn't make more than what his bennifits are giving him currently without working full time, ---- which he cannot do.

And that's aside from the £18000 student lone he stil owes the government for his five years at university geting a law degree and legal practice course, ---- which is going up by an extra £1000 a year!

Needless to say, this is also a practical question of disability, which the deffinition in my thesis is going to address.

Appologies for the slightly off topic wrant, --- just put it down to inthusiasm about my research!

Beware the grue!


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