Hi Dar,
This is very well put. However, I can't be expected to know the ins and outs of baking bread if I'm not a baker. Similarly, a nonprogrammer can't be expected to know how daunting a suggestion would be to program. Indeed, many things--even to programmers--look easy, but are time-consuming to program depending on how well the game was designed from the start. For instance, building a game to run off of extremely generic input and conditions is more work in the beginning, but adding stuff later on then becomes so easy it's amazing. As an example, I was able to add an autoplay mode to TDV a couple days ago with just a few lines of code.

At the same time, some are difficult to code no matter how generic the game's running methods are. Even though it could be done with just one or two more lines of code, a programmer also has to consider performance impact, something we call "running time." In the end, the impact a new feature will ahve on running time may not make it worth to code.

If someone suggests to me, "have the engine start in the off position when the game starts," to them it's probably just a matter of "tell the game the engine is off and tell the player to turn it on." Unfortunately, from a programming perspective, it's not as simple as startEngine();.

Again though, the person who suggestd it can't be expected to know that, and that's where the programmer's job comes in as dismissing or implementing features. I've had a lot of suggestions that have made it in to TDV, but I will agree tat some people take it too far--so much so that you can write a book called "X's Suggestion: Why I Didn't Implement It." In the end though, whatever suggestion comes along is never a bad suggestion. I think everyone means well; in fact, I'd take it as a compliment that this person enjoys the game enough to offer up new features.
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Al, saying "i have no idea about programming but a great idea for a game" is a bit like "I have no idea about engineering but a great idea for a car"

you may have a fantastic idea for a car run on hydrogen fuel, ---- but unless you've an idea of hydraulics, fuel convertion, how fuel relates to speed etc, you've got no chance of having a reasonable idea for a car.

I too do not have the time to learn programming. Though I have game ideas, I do not share them or try to commition another person to make them, ---- sinse they might be totally impossible.

I simply store them up in my head until I may possibley at some point have the time to learn.

Your much better considdering what is possible with current techniques, what ideas programmers have for games, and offering your informated in put on those ideas, ---- as nded you are doing on this list and the entombed list, than cranking out wild ideas for games with nobody to make them.

Oh btw, if one of the game creation engines such as Philip's scripting language or Tom's Genesis engine is completed, --- -there may be a very nice short cut to making games without knowing too much programming as well.

That's certainly my hope, ---- though I might considder seeing if I can learn programming when my phd is finished, ---- assuming then of course I'm not busy with creative writing or other projects as is also likely.

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