Hi Dark,
I do see your point. Although, perhaps we could prepare some audio trailers of different games to let people here some of the more complex games being played in action. Just a few short clips of what they could get into if they were to play this or that game.

dark wrote:
It is a miner problem Tom.

I could partially get around it by using two sets of sterrio headphones and demoing myself for a bit then giving instructions to the person trying the game, --- -but sinse I was thinking of this as a "hay look, --- -here are audio games, --- aren't they cool!" I'd rather have something which grabbed people's attention quickly with not much effort than something which was long and complex, ---- sort of the audio game version of a big flashy intro on a graphical game promotion at E3 or a similar computer game show.

That's why the games I initially thought of, ---- a wide enough variety to show the people there were different genres (afterall, if I get someone who's not an action fan, ---- it'd be bad if I couldn't show an alternative), were games which it is comparatively easy to show quickkly.

even smugglers 4, it's just a matter of etelling a person to click on panets to fly around, then click on fire to shoot at an enemy ship when getting into a fight, ---- all very stant sinse there are no keys to deal with or sounds to learn.

Of course, if I was specifically commitioned to demo certain games i would try m best to demo them, ---- but this is one reason I wanted a specific booth for audiogames.net, to represent the audio game playing interest in general, ---- rather than any one games company in particular, ---- to show people that there are many games which appeal to different tastes and needs, and that such games are fun, ---- and not overwhlemingly difficulty to play and understand, ---- especially for people who may be less computer savy!

Beware the grue!


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