Hi Jacob,
Yes, I've seen plenty of people like that as well. Back when I was in college and discovered Audyssey and Audiogames.net i began telling others about it. The general reaction was "I don't be leave that could be possible. How could you play games by sound alone?" The thing is weather we are talking about sighted or blind reactions to audio games is the general conception of what a game is. Most people think in order to play games you have to have lots of 2d or 3d graphics, that video games are completely visual, and that someone blind could not play a game completely by sound alone. Therefore they never considered the fact someone like USA Games could come up with a game like Mysteries of the Ancients based completely on audio or that GMA could create a Doom clone using a rather advanced FPS engine for the blind. Again this comes back to education. Educating our sighted peers as well as our blind ones. One reason major game companies haven't considered blindness accessibility is fundamentally they doubt it is possible, or that doing so would cost them thousands in extra financial overhead. That is just bologna of course, but try telling them that.

Jacob Kruger wrote:
Do remember it, and, yup, people just need to know about these things.

Unfortunately, the other issue is it's something people generally seem to think is impossible to comprehend, etc.

Most sighted guys I've worked on a computer in front of seemed to initially think it was some form of hoax etc., and when you mention games to either sighted guys, or even most other VI computer users, they also seem to have not even considered it as possibly existing...LOL!

I've tried promoting websites like audiogames.net on my small mailing list, and have a link to it on my website, but still, have only really found around 3 other guys this side who really seem to be into gaming as such, and you get other guys who are relatively technical on computers, but who never thought of looking for games as such.

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