Interestingly enough Tom, because I have many friends who are very active gamers, ---- and because I also play older graphical games, I've had a fair few discussions on the subject.

Once on the forum of I started a topic about including audio remakes on their site along with the graphical ones.

The project didn't go as planned sinse their site only lists free remakes of games, ---- thus games like packman talks or shades of doom wouldn't be applicable (though I did point several people in the direction of Dark destroyer).

The interesting bit though, was until I'd explained the concept, most people assumed that an audio game must work like an interactive fiction or Mud, with every game event being literally described.

When talking about packman talks, --- one person said;

"doesn't it get boring being told "You eat a dot, ---- you eat another dot, --- you eat another dot" etc.

I of course explained exactly how the game worked, ---- and the person did understand, ---- but I do wonder if this is a basic problem of understanding the quality of sensory information.

While people know sound can convey information by way of speech, and ambience by way of audio or background sounds, ---- I wonder if, ---- outside the world of audio drama and audio games, people really realize that sound can be used to represent individual objects or elements as easily as graphics can, ---- even highly complex relations in a 3D space.

Indeed one thing I findvery interesting aabout audio games is how representative they can be.

Beware the grue!


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