Hi Mike and all,
I'm sorry but I simply can't or won't do that for a couple of reasons. As I said the other day there are two very good reasons why not. For starts the game is still under constant development. As a result every time I upgrade the engine the previous save game files are incompatible witht the previous version. As a result before installing the upgrades you would have to go into your local application directory and delete any and all saved games before installing or upgrading to the new version. As most computer users are not very technically minded I feel this would be a complication most people would not want to deal with. Nor would I want to get bug reports that someone's game crashed or stopped working because they failed to properly remove older saved games. Therefore I did the smart thing by removing the feature before such a complication could arise. Second, it makes a good marketing strategy. If you really want to have the save/load game feature you will buy the game when it comes out. After all it is suppose to be a demo and not an unrestricted game here. If you don't like the game restrictions buy the game. Else stop complaining about them. As far as the demo itself goes I didn't have to put these out there for you guys to play with. I could have used all private testers for this, and gave you guys nothing until the final release. If you are going to complain and gripe about the demo then maybe I should do myself a favor and not release any more betas. In fact, given responses like this consider the public beta program ended. I've heard my last complaint and all I can take from this selfish, ungreatful, wining community. I sure hope you complainers out there are proud of yourself for ending the public beta program for everyone else. No more betas, announcements, and hopefully no more problems from you guys.

Mike Breedlove wrote:
I actually agree with peter here. Although I did figure out how many shots it 

Also, we desperately need the save and load options back until the offitial 
release. Sorry, but I'm not replaying level 1 everytime I die on level 2. Good 
way to make me not play the game anymore.

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