Hello Tom.
I completely understand the problem, but it strikes me there might be some nice work arounds.

Generic person in armour sounds for instance, ---- ie, clanking footsteps and ratling armour shouldn't I imagine be too much of a problem, ---- maybe you just need an audio speech file where the person declares themselves the raised spirit of hercules or something similar.

About unhuman monsters, you might be able to just wing things with generic mixing. You could do cila, --- the six headed dog monster for instance by mixing appropriate barks, ---- or caribdis with a low distorted croke and bubling sound.

A hydra might be harder, ---- though going on the basis that it's a reptillian creature with 5 heads, five mixed growls pitched differently might help.

I was always amazed by the fact that the majority of the noises Chubaka in the starwars films makes were apparently recordings from a brown bear at a zoo, ---- and E T's breething was apparently a recording of the sound designer's wife who had a severely bad cold and chest infection at the time, ---- snoring!

obviously your the designer here, but I do sometimes wonder if something of an old time radio approach to sounds in this way might be helpful, ---- particularly with fantasty creatures, just to get the most out of sound libraries etc.

just tell me if I'm talking a load of rubbish though!

Beware the grue!


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