Hi Rich and all,
The error message you just posted below is a well known bug in Managed DirectX itself. It has actually nothing to do with my game, but is a problem with Microsoft's Managed DirectX API. As they have officially stopped developing Managed DirectX there is little hope they will fix this problem. The only way for me to fix that error is to rewrite the games audio system to use something else like the XNA Framework, FMOD, SlimDX, or something else. This bug is exactly why BPC Programs has began using SlimDX instead of Managed DirectX in their new titles like 3D velocity. As it happens I also have plans to drop Managed DirectX in my future titles, but am reluctantt to put a lot of work in rewriting the audio and input cores of the .NET based Genesis Engine. The main reason being because I've already began converting the engine to C++, I am working on using new APIs for the next generation of the engine, and really don't want to put a lot of work into supporting and upgrading the current .NET engine which will be discontinued after MOTA is released. Although, I may have to do that anyway as the engine is pretty unstable being linked to Managed DirectX.


Richard Sherman wrote:

Since this thread appeared, I might have been able to recreate this problem 
once just now. On the second level, room 5, the program crashed and kicked me 
out. An error reporting box might have come up, but I Just happen to hit enter 
at that exact time. So I was immediately dumped back to my desktop. SO I DON'T 

However, in the past, when mota crashed, I did however catch what the problem was. 
When the error dialog box comes up, jaws comes out of sleep mode and reads the 
dialog box. One of the buttons says something like "What does this error report 
contain. Pressing space bar on that button makes the following information appear:

Error signature
Event : clr20r3 P1 : tomb.exe P2 : P3 : 4b1d615c P4 : microsoft.directx.directsound P5 : 1.0.2902.0 P6 : 40eeb491 P7 : 246 P8 : 4d P9 : system.argumentexception
This is the same thing I reported a few days ago. I have received this a few 
times since beta 9 came out. So, to be sure, I downloaded and installed the 
directx file from USA games site. Still getting the problem. However, I noticed 
that this problem only seems to occur when messing with the program setting. 
those that control the background ambience or music. any changes to these 
settings seems to cause a problem. If I get kicked out, and go back in, I have 
no problems. Unless I mess with those settings. And it seems to not matter 
whether turning the sounds on or off.

Can anyone else recreate this problem?

Thanks in advance.


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