An rpg would be lovely, and sinse we only have entombed thus far as a real audio rpg 9last crusade was more of a test product than a real game I thought), there's a huge tdemand for such a game, ---- especially as you've said Scot, with Philip's sound production capabilities.

That being said, sinse Philip himself was fairly clear on wanting to produce something action orientated, the most i could see him doing would be an action rpg like zelda, ---- perhaps even a side scrolling one like some of the later castlevania or recent tomb rader or mega man titles.

multiple wepons, hp and magic points, freely explorable areas, interesting story with npcs to interact with, maybe one use magics or elemental weaknesses, ---- but combat which is essentially fast action based, ---- hit it before it hits you, rather than turn based.

If philip's interest is in more action games, I can't really see him doing something turn based myself.

This being said, remember that entombed has been in developement sinse march of 2007, --- that's almost two years, ---- which is quite some time for work on a single game.

i'm perfectly certain it'll pay off especially when the new version is released (which won't I believe be long), but for a developer to commit to that sort of project is quite something.

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