They have more of a variety to choose from, but the point is that they do 
not complain if another form of an existing game is marketed.  As for more 
games of a given type being produced rather than another type of game, you 
seem to hold the opinion that once one type of game is marketed, in one or 
two forms, it's time to move on because once you've played one RPG, you've 
played them all.  This would be like playing a game of chess and a game of 
checkers, and saying, "Well, now that I've played board games, there's no 
need to make any more board games available to me.  Let's move on to more 
modern games."  You don't consider that a board game that is different is 
actually not the same old thing.  Also, just because a game has been around 
forever does not make it ancient history.  It's still around because people 
are playing it, and it is a good game.

I'm not into RPGs, but I don't mind if others than those we can now play are 
produced, because there aren't many.  I'm also not willing to just figure 
that they should no longer be produced.  There are people who like them, and 
shouldn't they have a variety of games of the type they enjoy to pick from? 
I may find them complex and, possibly, boring, but others do not, and I'm 
not the only gamer out there.
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That is true but they have a lot more of a variety of things they can choose
from. The blind community really does not have that same type of choice.

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Uhm, no. There's only one true audio RPG and it's still in beta phase.
That's hardly played out. And anyway mainstream gamers don't complain when
another side scroller or RPG or whatever is released.
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> Why another rpg though? Isn't that played out?

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