Hi Dark,
Private testing is more rigorous than public testing and requires a lot more 
time. You're testing prereleased software so at times you're the first test 
subject and may have to go through a lot just to get the software working. 
For this reason, I feel that private testers deserve some compensation, and 
since game development doesn't allow for monitary compensation until the 
project is released, giving them a free copy is the best way to go. If you 
only have a handful of testers, it's not much money you're losing; in fact, 
private testers help you since they often times put the program through 
paces you never thought of, which saves you from having to release several 
patches when the program is publicly released.
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I Disagree with david that just because you have a private testing team they
should automatically get a copy of the software, ---- especially in a field
like accessible games where every sale helps.

Testing is a way for non-programmers to contribute to accessible games
developement, ---- not a way to grab free coppies of the software, -----
especially as it's hoped the testing process will in itself be fun for the
players (all the games testing programs I've been involved in certainly have
been), ---- in fact if the testing process isn't fun, then the developer
certainly! has work to do, ;D.

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