Hi Hayden,
Not true. Believe me I usually take the offensive strategy when
playing Trek 2000 and STFC and whipe out a majority of enemies before
beating a quick retreat back to the starbases for supplies. One way to
do this is get as many enemies as you can together in one place and
drop a mine, and run. Usually you will end up blowing up several in
the process.
One of my favorite attack strategies is to send most of my ships into
say, Klingon space, torpedo as many ships as I can drop a mine by
their starbase wwhen they all move in for the attack, and well both
starbase and several enemy ships are blown to  pieces. This especially
comes in handy against the Tholians who are really tough suckers to
take on in ship to ship combat. Although, I've found ways to usually
defeat them if that is the case.
My point is it is completely possible to beat the game playing a
mostly offensive game. I'm not sure why people have a big problem with
this, but far too many people take the easy way just sticking near
there starbases until the enemies show up for a fight. I personally
find that a bit lazy and extremely boring.  That's why in STFC not all
of the enemies will come for you. You have to learn to take some sort
of offensive strategy eventually or it just ends up being a bit like
shooting fish in a rain barrel.

On 6/8/10, Hayden Presley <hdpres...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> HiLori,
> I really can only help you with Trekk 2000. Thebest strategy I have found is
> to send two of your ships to one starbase, and the other two to the other,
> and let the enemy attack you. Offensive mode isn't too productive, trust me.
> Best Regards,
> Hayden

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