Hi Hayden,
Well, keep in mind that when David Greenwood wrote Trek 2000 he didn't
even try to base the ships and weapons on the Star Trek television
series. What I mean by that is the amount of energy, number of
torpedoes, maximum speed, for the ships etc is totally out and out
wrong according to the official Star Trek technical guides.  Since I
happen to own all of them here I was able to look up the ship
specifications, and based STFC more or less off of that.
For example, according to the Star Trek Original Series technical
guide the original U.S.S. Enterprise was a Constitution-Class
explorer. It carried 100 Mark I photon torpedoes,  it could fire a
maximum of 2.75 megawatts of phaser power,  and had a stable crusing
speed of warp 8. There are other details in there such as shielding,
main power, etc David could have used for Trek 2000 but didn't.
Instead the values used for Trek 2000 seam to be  selected soully on
game mechanics than realism.  That doesn't make Trek 2000 bad, but
less realistic than it could have been.
When I wrote STFC I used the Star Trek Deep Space 9 and Star Trek
First Contact technical guides in designing the majority of the ships
for the game. Although, not all the values are soully based on those
guides, some were changed for game mechanic's sake, it really does use
a majority of the official content over all. So that's why the drastic
difference between ships and weapons in the two games.

On 6/10/10, Hayden Presley <hdpres...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> The Tholeons are still the biggest bother for me in Trekk 2000. Irritating
> little buggers, so they are. I'm actually glad when the Valuant gets caught
> in a web by the Thabius, that way I can fire my 5000 units of energy at it.
> The biggest problem I have yet had when converting to Final Conflict is the
> conversions. For example, in Trekk, of course, you have a maximum of 10
> photon torpedoes, and five of them are usually adiquit for destroying a
> Romulan of Klingon. However, obviously five will not defeat a Romulan in
> Final Conflict.
> Best Regards,
> Hayden

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