Hi Damien,
Well, there are lots of clues and navigation aids in games like Shades
of Doom if you use them. For example, there is the f key to tell you
what direction you are facing. If you are standing in a north/south
passage heading north if you get into a fight all you have to do to
keep yourself oriented is remember what was the last direction you
were facing before the fight and turn your character back in that
direction. That's one way I use to keep myself oriented in a game and
keep from losing track of where to go.
Another handy feature in a game like Shades of Doom is the "have I
visited here before" command. When you use that it will tell you yes
or no if you have visited that spot before. Well, if you start walking
and here a "yes" that you have visited that spot before then it is
likely you are headed in the wrong direction. Turn around and try the
other way.
Shades of Doom allows you to set markers so you can use them as memory
aids. If you get turned around and run straight into one of your
markers and then you must have gotten lost/confused and whent back the
way you came. Once again turn around and try another direction.
Another feature you can use is audio effects like the windy tunnels
and passages. These are a good indicater if there is a left or right
turn ahead. They even sound slightly different if it is coming from
the north, south, east, or west direction. Get use to listening to
these suddle changes in sounds. it can be a big help to
you.Especially, if you have the proper sound equipment to take full
effect of the virtual 3d environment.
As far as finding doors not only can you here them using your EVA you
can use the x key to find them when you are in a room. So you
shouldn't have any problems locating doors. The x key tells you
exactly where they are.
Obviously, since I find all of these navigation aids useful i plan to
incorperate them into my game engine so that all of my games can
equally be as accessible. There should be no need to get confused.
Just remember what hot keys will give you the desired information and
get use to listening to any background sounds that will give you
access to a door, statue, rope, or some other means of finding a room
or hidden corridor. If all else fails use the view command to scan the
room. That's what it is there for.


On 6/26/10, Damien Pendleton <dam...@x-sight-interactive.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Sounds simple enough. But then how do you know where a room or level's exit
> is if all you know is the position you are at?
> For example, in Shades of Doom, especially, how do you know exactly where
> you are? What you described to me wouldn't be too bad for something like
> Treasure Hunt, where the room is more a grid. The only problem I would have
> there is going from room to room, actually knowing where I was going or
> supposed to be going. But with something like Shades of Doom where you
> literally turn around, you could be going in any direction, you could be
> moving forwards and sideways at the same time without realising it, etc.
> That's where I get hazy.
> Regards,
> Damien.

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