Humanware's a bit rediculous also especially with the issue I'm trying to get 
them to agree with me on. You see I'm running a windows98 virtual machine in 
vmware. I like really like the keynote gold speech synthesizer. They had a 
version called keynote gold multimedia for win98 and keysoft 2.4a for win98 as 
well. Well I asked them to make it free software. I know you don't like fs but 
one good thing they did out of all the bad stuff was make their jaws for DOS 
free software. I wish humanware would make keynote gold multimedia for win98 
and keysoft 2.4a gold for win95/98 as free software either that or add a 
keynote gold voice variant to espeak so espeak sounds and has better 
pronunciation. Of course maybe I'm just partial to the old keynote gold 
synthesizer. anyway humanware told me I cannot modify keynote gold multimedia 
demo or keysoft for win95. I would at least like to use keynote gold in ubuntu 
linux or with NVDA. But I cannot because they are being greedy with a 20 year 
old piece of software. in keysoft it says the text to speech is copyright 1990 
berkely speech systems. berkeley speech systems I meant to write. So until they 
don't care about it anymore I'm stuck to running keynote gold multimedia in 15 
minute demo mode inside my virtual machine. And no I'm not giving the demo out 
on this list because they said I can't distribute it either. Their $6000 
braillenotes use eloquence now so what's wrong with letting go of keynote gold? 
Having a full copy of keynote gold is the only way I can use asap in win98 dos 
box with software speech that is actually responsive so I can play with the old 
DOS software again. 

Josh Kennedy

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