That's right. If I have to go back to using DirectX and other Windows
proprietary APIs that would basically spell the end of the
cross-platform engine I'm developing to hopefully create versions for
Mac and Linux as well as Windows. It is easy enough for Windos users
to say "let's forget about cross-platform support" but they don't have
a personal stake in weather or not the games are cross-platform.
As it so happens I personally have a stake in weather or not these
games are cross-platform compatible or not. My wife and I are, shall
we say, having financial difficulties and need to  cut all
non-essential expences out of our budget. Well, running a Windows
computer is nothing short of expensive. You have your screen reader
SMAs for Jaws or Window-Eyes, you have your antivirus updates that may
or may not be free, the price of something like Microsoft Visual
Studio Pro is extremely expensive, Microsoft Office is also pretty
costly, not to mention the cost of purchasing the latest and greatest
copy of Windows itself for every computer we happen to own.  To make a
long story short my wife and I decided we'd both install Linux on our
laptops and depend on open source and free software solutions like
Open Office, Firefox, the Orca screen reader, whatever as it is far
less expensive to maintain and operate than the Windows software, and
also  is fairly accessible now anyway. Although, we do have one system
still running Windows 7 it too mostly has free software on it like
open Office, the NVDA screen reader, MinGW C++ compiler, etc besides
whatever commercial games etc we still own for Windows.
So the point here is since I mainly use Linux, plan to use Linux from
here on out for day to day use, it would only make sense to create my
games for Linux and then port them to Windows using the free MinGW
compiler for Windows that is used to cross-compile Linux software on
Windows systems. I can both create and test the game locally on my
Linux computer before even producing the Windows port. However, if I
absolutely had to go back to Windows and Visual C++ Pro to create
games I could, but I just wouldn't be able to play them unless I was
using that specific computer. I'd much rather prefer to create them
and play them on the same computer i use most of the time. So I'm a
bit torn what to do.
I understand the complaints and understand some people are really
unhappy with the new beta. True part of it is bugs which can be fixed,
but some are just cross-platform issues specific to the APIs I'm
using.  I honestly don't know what to do. This is really a situation
of my own personal preference getting in the way of what the majority
of my customers want.Which seams to be direct Windows support using
DirectX and all the other Windows proprietary software that goes with

On 10/5/10, Bryan Peterson <bpeterson2...@cableone.net> wrote:
> Yeah, but unfortunately from the sounds of things there's really nothing Tom
> can do about that without going back to the previous Beta. And if he did
> that you'd have to say bye bye to cross platform support.
> We are the Knights who saaaaay...Ni!

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