Actually not as unbalanced as you'd think, sinse you could only play wicket in a few levels.

There were five characters, Han, Chubaka, Luke, Wicket and two versions of princess leia (one in her bounty hunter disguise on tatueen, the other in her rebel gear fighting with a staff).

This was a major improvement the two previous games only let you play as Luke, Han or chuey.

One nice thing though was you got vehicle stages interpsersed with the platform ones, so for instance one of the first stages was Luke's speeder ride to the sand crawler, or in empire strikes back you would have to first take out the emperial fighters around cloud city, then play as Luke during platforming stages inside before fighting darth Vader.

I do admit though, I did rather enjoy the cheats, sinse they'd let you play any char on any stage with any gun. So for instance you could have Chubaka fight darth vader instead of Luke ;d.

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